Left Brain vs. Right Brain PowerPoint Template

Last updated on May 9th, 2023

As you might know, the human brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. In lay man’s terms, both sides perform different functions. The left hemisphere controls the muscles on the left and vice versa. Moreover, the right hemisphere processes language and auditory senses, logic and reasoning. The right hemisphere works on spatial abilities; such as face recognition. It also performs some basic estimations and comparisons and enables comprehending visuals. The Left Brain Vs Right Brain PowerPoint Template is a slide deck where you can list down the comparison of the human hemispheres of the human brain or discuss aspects like the abilities tied to right and left brainers.


Readymade Sample Presentations for Left Vs Right Brain Discussion

In general, it is believed that right brainers are more creative and the left brainers are more analytical and good at making calculations. This comparison has been topic of much debate and has implications for different fields of hard and soft science subjects. This PowerPoint template too lists down some basic facts related to right and left brain functions, making up sample slides that you can use for your presentations.


Left Vs Right Brain Illustrations

With a total of 6 sample slides, there are editable diagrams and illustrations that you can use for discussing all about right and left brainers. The clipart within the slides is easy to edit and remove, making the template quite flexible to use.


The overall design of the template if like a Flat design UI, which makes it visually pleasing and easier to visually grasp. You can also add your own clipart, photos and diagrams to further customize the template according to requirement.


You can download this template as a widescreen or standard presentation file, and also find more medical PowerPoint templates with high-quality graphics via the SlideModel.com link below.

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Left Brain Vs Right Brain PowerPoint Template

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