How to Easily Create Bubble Charts in Excel to Visualize Your Data

Vibrant Bubble Chart For Excel

Data visualization is important in managing, analyzing, organizing, and displaying all kinds of information. It is through data visualization that you can make more sense of the data that you have, which you may be incapable if you only have tables and worksheets in front of you. In Excel, there are many visualization tools such …

Free Bubbles PowerPoint Templates

Bubbles represent being clean and carefree. Plus, they are also nice and fun to look at. This is why you can also use these bubbles as a design element in your reports or presentations. Whether you have something very formal or fun, having bubbles in your presentations can add a little whimsical touch to your …

Free Water Bubbles PowerPoint Template

Presentations, with their somber, gray themes can often be too intimidating and dull for some audience. Some themes are too corporate and too serious. Often, it’s a good idea to keep things light at work, even in presentations.

Droplet PowerPoint Template


Water symbolizes cleansing, cleanliness, calm, and nature. You can incorporate these qualities in your next presentation with a template that harnesses the beauty of water. Through the Droplet PowerPoint Template, you can channel the movement and serenity of water in your presentations.

Original Callout Ideas for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to represent discussions or quote in PowerPoint presentations then the callouts and speech boxes play an important role. Here we will show you how to make some nice callouts using shapes in PowerPoint so you can edit the text inside the shape to share a message or idea with the audience. Create interesting …