Free Bubbles PowerPoint Templates

Bubbles represent being clean and carefree. Plus, they are also nice and fun to look at. This is why you can also use these bubbles as a design element in your reports or presentations. Whether you have something very formal or fun, having bubbles in your presentations can add a little whimsical touch to your slides.

The following Free Bubbles PowerPoint Templates are great presentation templates that you can use for all your slideshow needs as they are versatile and easily customizable to match your topic or theme.

Free bubbles PowerPoint templates

Water Droplets in Gray

The Water Droplet PowerPoint Template is an elegant and sophisticated template that you can use for all kinds of presentations, whether for office, business, school, or personal use.

This template features a light gray gradient background that has images of droplets of different sizes and shapes. These droplets are beautifully placed on the edges of the slide, serving as a subtle border that frames your content. Meanwhile, you can add new slides by clicking on the New Slide option under the Home Menu in the Ribbon. You can make use of the many layout options to create your presentation, and take advantage of the readily available place holders and font styles.

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Create Circles of Colors

To look hip and modern, you can use colors to effectively draw the attention of your audience to your presentation. With the help of this free Colorful Bubbles PowerPoint Template, you can easily make any presentation hip and fun. This template is general-purpose and you can use it for all your presentation needs whether for school, office, organization, or personal use.

The template features differently sized bubbles that has different colors and shades such as pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange. However, you can still be sure that your content will not be missed as there are gray gradient overlays to frame your content, whatever your slide layout is.

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Go Modern and Trendy

For a more modern look, you can also opt for this Free Color Bubbles PowerPoint Template, which features differently sized circles that have colorful gradients. These bubbles are set on a white background that gives your presentation a clean, modern look.

The inside slides have the same look, except the circles are on one side of the slide, framing your content. You can add more slides while easily making sure that your whole presentation will look cohesive.

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Freshen Up Your Slides

Bubbles can convey fluidity and freshness. They can also be used to liven up an otherwise boring presentation. With the help of the Liquid Bubbles PowerPoint Template, you can create sophisticated presentations with a liquid or bubble theme. This template is free to download and can be used for any kind of presentation.

The water drops make your presentation look fresh, and they add an unexpected visual element to what can otherwise be a boring slideshow. This template has different layout options to provide you with a complete set of slides to use for all your presentation needs.

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