3d Objects

Download free 3D Objects and 3D Graphics for PowerPoint presentations including 3D funnel shape and diagrams for presentations, free 3D model for presentations as well as 3D diagrams for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Learn how to make 3D cones, 3D shapes, 3D cubes in PowerPoint and other 3D Objects using shapes and properties.

How to Copy Exact Position of PowerPoint Objects

Check Horizontal and Vertical Positions

PowerPoint has always been the go-to presentation tool for many. From beginners to students to professionals, PowerPoint has been a reliable tool for delivering small to large amounts of information. Over the years, the slide-based application has developed features and tools that allow presenters to create captivating and visually interesting presentations. Aside from straightforward texts …

Awesome 3D Dice Rolled Shapes For PowerPoint Presentations

Example of dice clipart used in a slide

If you want your recreation presentations to look professional yet eye-catching, you should use presentation templates and elements that make your presentations stand out. You can use cliparts to personalize your already existing presentations or further customize your presentation templates. Paired with interesting, textured backgrounds, these clipart images bring much more awesomeness to your presentations. 

Creating a Prism in PowerPoint 2010

Creating 3D Objects in PowerPoint 2010

Using PowerPoint shapes and 3D formatting options you can easily create 3D objects. If you need to create a prism in PowerPoint, for example to prepare a nice performance PowerPoint presentation using the concepts behind prism performance, then you can use the 3D objects in PowerPoint to make awesome diagrams and slide designs. You can …

Creating 3D Objects in PowerPoint 2010

This video explains how to create 3D Objects in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes. By using basic shapes we can get 3D objects with perspective including cylinder, prisms, and any other variant. This video will help to understand how to design 3D objects using PowerPoint and 3D Format nad 3D Rotation options in Format Shape. Alternatively …

3D Sphere in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint you can make awesome 3D objects using some basic geometric shapes and then applying 3D effects. Here we will show you how to make an awesome realistic 3D Sphere just using a circular shape plus some basic 3D effects instead of using radial gradients (even that you can use gradiant to format a …

3D Cone in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

We are trying to improve our design skills for PowerPoint templates and this aimed us to continuously look for new ways to make graphics and shapes using PowerPoint. Today we will show you how to make a realistic 3D Cone in PowerPoint using perspective and 3D Format Options. The previous version of this 3d cone …