SyncDocs: Document Management and Synchronization tool

SyncDocs is an application available in Google Apps Marketplace that enables you to go beyond the limits of Google Drive. With this productivity and document management tool you can sync any folder on your PC or network using multiple simultaneous accounts and great to schedule backups.

Syncdocs backs up your files to a central store on Google using the cloud storage and it also allows you to backup Google Documents files to your PC in the opposite way.

  • Migrate all your files to Google’s cloud
  • Keep docs and files in sync online and between PCs
  • Easy to use with seamless desktop integration

For Windows users, Sync Docs allows you to use Google Docs as a drive on your computer in the same way you can do using the free Google Drive application for Windows.

Here are some other features available in SyncdocsGo beyond the Google Drive limits.

  • Sync any folders on any drive (local, USB or network)
  • Sync multiple Google Drive accounts concurrently
  • Full offline access to all your docs, everything is synced, not just links
  • Schedule Google Drive backups
  • Full control over sync direction
  • Keep Google access rights on Windows
  • Shared files are also synced
  • Facebook, Twitter and GMail sharing
  • Smooth desktop integration

For Microsoft Office users and Windows users, Sync Docs lets you to backup your important documents and PowerPoint presentations in the cloud, although you can use other alternatives like Skydrive from Microsoft.