Summer Gift Certificate Template For Word

As a human resource manager or business owner, you need to think up many creative ways to motivate your employees. Motivating them the right way helps inspire or drive them to perform better or achieve business goals.


The Summer Gift Certificate Template for Word is a colorful gift certificate maker which can be quite suitable for promotional schemes launched by your business and even for team-building exercises. As team-building sessions are usually conducted out of the office, this gift certificate template is perfect for the job. You can conduct games and have these gift certificates as your reward for your employees. You can also give these out as a way to thank your employees for attending and participating in the team-building exercise.

You can also use this summer gift certificate template to give out to your guests if you are working in a hotel, resort, or any establishment in the hospitality or tourism industry. A gift certificate can be the perfect incentive for customers to take advantage of any of your promos or prizes.


There are three identical gift certificates on a single page. The background is in pastel colors of pink and blue, with illustrations of a palm tree, the sun, some gifts, a crab, and Santa Claus relaxing on a beach chair with an umbrella over him. As Santa is on the gift certificate layout, the template can also be great for Christmas gifts or prizes, especially for beach-themed events.


You can just follow the placeholders on the template and type your company name on the indicated section on top. Then, you can type the name you are giving the gift certificate to, date, group, department/account, and issued by. You can also print all these summer gift certificates in one go and just write the details as you hand them over.

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