Free Semester Schedule Template for Excel 2013

If you are one of those types of students who want to keep your schedule, deadlines and activities organized, then this Excel templateis the perfect tool for you. The Free Semester Schedule Template for Excel 2013 is a scheduling tool for college students who want to keep track of their classes, weekly schedules and assignments.


Plan Your Semester Using The Free Semester Schedule Template for Excel

The Free Semester Schedule Template for Excel is a cleanly designed and organized template where you can encode your class details and activities for one whole semester. With many functions and useful tabs, it is an all-in-one tool for every college student.

The Excel template has a clutter-free, minimalist design that easily displays all the necessary information at one glance. The Semester Schedule Template can also be easily modified to tailor to your classes, schedule and activities for a given semester. There are also instructions and descriptions within the Semester Schedule Template that you can easily follow to help you complete the template with your semester and activity information.


Track Your Assignments And Weekly Schedule

The Free Semester Schedule Template for Excel contains four categories that can be accessed by either clicking the color-coded tabs under the spreadsheets or by clicking on the headers above the spreadsheet title. The categories are: Class List, Work Entry, Week Schedule, Assignments Due Report, and Semester Schedule.

The Class List lets you enter your individual classes and the duration of each class will be automatically calculated within the Excel template. The Work Entry spreadsheet template lets you enter all of your assignments, work projects, presentations, and other class activities. When you enter a due date, the Semester Schedule Template automatically adds it to the Assignments Due Report and Semester Schedule sheets so that your data is centralized and you do not have to type in the same information in the various spreadsheets.


The Weekly Schedule is based on your class list and it can be automatically updated. Just right click on any of the schedule or data and click Refresh. On the other hand, the Assignments Due Report tab lets you filter your assignments by Due Date so you are always updated and aware of your schedule and deadlines. Just click on the arrow on the Due Date cell and then select a filter such as This Week. Lastly, the Semester Schedule displays a four-month calendar of your schedule. The days where you have classes are highlighted while days where you have assignments due are displayed in red.

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