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First impressions last. This is also true for presentations. Presentations are notorious for being boring, and many people dread to watch presentations because of this. So if you have been assigned the task to present to an audience, the challenge lies in making it captivating from the get-go. This means your presentation must be exciting and eye-catching starting from the very first slide so that your audience will be eager to pay attention to the rest of your slideshow.


The Spotlight Text PowerPoint Template is a beautiful, captivating template that would really put your audience’s attention in your presentation. This is because it uses a very well-known visual device to attract people–the spotlight. Using clever animation and design, you can create your own spotlight text using this template in PowerPoint.

Put a Spotlight on Your Slideshow

This Spotlight Text PowerPoint Template contains a gradient white and gray background, with white in the upper half fading into gray to the bottom. In the middle of the slide template is the text, which is in bold, black text with a reflection effect. The highlight of this template is of course the spotlight, which is a white light effect that goes back and forth across the text.


This template is perfect for title slides, transition slides, or even if you want to emphasize a point to your audience. It can also be used as your last slide to end your presentation. Just copy and paste the slide to your existing presentation. You can also easily start your presentation out of this slide by adding new slides and choosing from the layouts that you need to present your content.

Emphasize a Point and Captivate an Audience

The template is highly versatile and you can customize the template to suit your own taste and preference. By clicking on the Design tab in the Ribbon, you can choose from the many themes and design options.


You can also add your logo and slogan to personalize the slide to your company or organization.

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