White Background

Free Spotlight Text PowerPoint Template


First impressions last. This is also true for presentations. Presentations are notorious for being boring, and many people dread to watch presentations because of this. So if you have been assigned the task to present to an audience, the challenge lies in making it captivating from the get-go. This means your presentation must be exciting and …

Clarity PowerPoint Template With Easy To Read Layout


If you want simplicity, ease, minimalism, and clarity, you can opt for a light-colored, fuss-free PowerPoint presentation that does not have a lot going on. After all, too many textures, images, illustrations, and details often leave your audience distracted from your content. This is why simple presentation templates are perfect. One such template is the …

How to Remove White Background from a Picture in Presentation

Remove Background PowerPoint

Microsoft aimed to remove the need for any external software of plugin for designing PowerPoint Presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint and later versions now allow you to remove the white or any colored background completely from the picture. This feature is exceptionally helpful as it can be used to remove distracting elements from the picture without any …