Sports Roster And Schedule Template For Excel

If you are a coach or trainer for a school, amateur or professional sports team, then you know that it is not all about training and games. Managing your team and keeping everything on schedule between school, training and games, are also important. It is actually the least fun in the whole process, however, it is important to keep the team on track so that it accomplishes its goals and performs at its optimum level.


Keep Your Team in Tip Top Shape

The Sports Roster and Schedule Template for Excel is a worksheet template designed especially for coaches, trainers, and team managers. It is easy, reliable, and very functional, allowing the users less time worrying about navigating the worksheets and updating the cells, so that they have more time focusing on the players and the game.

This Sports Roster and Schedule Template features a beautiful layout that allows users to easily toggle between different tables in the worksheets, depending on what you need to view or update. The template is divided into three worksheets: Team Roster, League Schedule, and League Team List.


Easily Access and Update Your Roster

The Team Roster table features the members of the team. It contains the player number, name, position, email address, and phone. This serves also as a directory for management members of the team to be able to quickly contact their players.

The League Schedule contains all the games that the team will be playing for the year, or for the game season. The information here include date, home team, away team, time, and location. This allows everyone to keep track of their schedules so that they can prepare and be on time on every game.

Lastly, the League Team List allows you to create a list of teams within your league, as well as their contact details. Additionally, this also contains their wins to see which team is leading the season.


This template can be easily shared and accessed by anyone within the team, such as the coaching staff and the players themselves. This is because this is an Excel Online Template, and users can get access through the cloud feature of the template. They can update the template even when they are apart from each other. They can also share the roster and league schedules with each other via email and social media. Any changes can also be easily updated and viewed in real time.

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