SocialBro: Analyze And Engage Twitter Users To Increase Business Sales

If you have just signed up for Twitter it’s not surprising to get overwhelmed. Even users who have had their account since eternity don’t seem to understand how to convert their Twitter account into a profitable mechanism for increasing sales and revenue or just to increase the following for their brand (e.g. a blog, YouTube channel, mobile app, etc). While most people can understand that twitter has a lot of potential, the ability to harness that potential always seems out of reach. Fact is, to efficiently utilize Twitter you need third-party services to help you find and engage users who may be interested in what you are promoting (yes, that also counts if you are running for mayor!).

SocialBro is a web service which brings you comprehensive data and analysis to help you make the most out of Twitter to boost sales, revenue or to promote your ideas, agendas and campaigns by engaging users relevant to your interest.

SocialBro is the best way to analyze and engageTwitter audience

Getting Started With Soicalbro

Needless to say, SocialBro is a paid service however you can try it for free on a 15-day trial basis. In other words, if you’re not happy with the results, you can quit till the trial. This makes SocialBro one of the few services of its kind that brings something more than empty promises to the table, as you can try out the service on your own before making a purchase. To get started, sign up for an account (paid or free trial), login to your Dashboard and connect your Twitter account.

Getting Started With Soicalbro

Make Your Tweets Count

One of the major dilemmas of most users is to tweet the right type of content. One wrong tweet can end up offending people, whereas an irrelevant tweet may not get you the right followers. SocialBro provides users with a comprehensive set of information about their followers, people who may be interested in your content and the type of users most relevant for you. With SocialBro you can begin targeting your audience with the help of Follow/Unfollow tools, analytics and tracking, as well as details as minor as the best time to tweet.

Best Time to Tweet Report

Analyze And Target Customers From Your Competitors

One of the best ways of growing your sales is to keep an eye on your competitors. This is where SocialBro hits the jackpot. You can not only analyze your own data to find and interact with relevant people across Twitter or even your local area, but also analyze your competitors to attract people from their circle to yours. Moreover, you can even target people according to hash tags, keywords, topics and the like.

Audience by Influence

The below image shows the various tools available at SoicalBro, these include:

  • Community Insight
  • Best Time to tweet
  • Tweet Analytics
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Account Comparison
  • Benchmark
  • Direct Message Campaigns
  • Mention Helper
  • Latest Interactions
  • Discover Twitter Users

Socialbro Tools

SocialBro Introductory Video

To get a complete overview of what SoicalBro can do for you, see the video given below.

If you are looking to harness the power of Twitter, there might be very few other services or tools which may be as good as Soicalbro. Sign up for a 15-day trial or subscription to get started today.

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