Simple Balance Sheet Template For Excel

Every business entity, whether big or small, needs to be on top of its financial position. From startup companies to high-rolling corporations, businesses need to report and regularly update themselves of their financial balances in order to function and make decisions that affect them and their business goals at present and in the future.

One of the most common and most important financial documents is the Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet is a financial statement that summarizes a company’s assets, liabilities and equity within a span of time. There are many Balance Sheet templates and samples available online but one of the most reliable and most user-friendly is the ones found in the Microsoft Office portal, like this Simple Balance Sheet Template For Excel, which we are about to discuss in this post.

Simple Balance Sheet Template For Microsoft Excel

Clean And Simple

The Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet for Excel is a clean, professionally designed and easy-to-use template designed by one of Microsoft’s partners, TemplateZone by KMT Software, Inc. Available in Microsoft Excel 2003 and in later versions, the Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet template is detailed and is useful for all types of businesses to keep track of finances. It has sections for the three components of the balance sheet–assets, liabilities and equity.


These three components are cleanly separated and displayed in neat columns beside each other so users can see at first glance the important figures in the balance sheet and look more closely at the details without missing any important information.


Automatic Calculation

The Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet for Excel is very user-friendly, you need not be an accounting expert to figure out how to use it. You just fill in the information necessary in the cell beside each item and the template will automatically calculates it. Any adjustments or modifications made within the document automatically updates the figures so keeping up-to-date with business finances is easy and less prone to error.

You can also further add more items under Assets, Liabilities or Equity depending on your business’ financial activity.

To download this Simple Balance Sheet Spreadsheet for Excel, simply go to

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