Semi Monthly Budget Template for Excel 2013

This is a free Semi Monthly Budget template that you can use for your home if you need to keep track of income and expenses. The difference between this kind of budget template and other monthly budget templates for Excel is that if you are being paid twice a month this template helps you to keep your expenses and income under control.

Semi Monthly Budget Template for Excel 2013

The budget template uses Excel slicers and a Excel timeline that makes it easier to keep track of your budget in a productive and fun way.

budget template pivot table excel 2013

The budget report uses a Pivot Chart in Excel 2013 that is a nice visualization tool to see the category totals.

Download free Home Budget Template for Excel

8 comments on “Semi Monthly Budget Template for Excel 2013

  1. Hi, the semi monthly split does not appear to work (below the dashboard). I am using excel 2013.

    The downloaded template has data in April for both the first 15 days and 2nd 15 days on the dashboard tab when in fact the Expenditure and Income tab shows the 2 amounts being entered in May 2013

    So the bottom of the Dashboard tab (the whole year shown by semi month) is totally wrong in that
    1. Does not split the expenses based on correct month
    2. Does not split the expenses into semi monthly as advertised.

    1. Hi Klumsyboy. Thanks for you comments. Even if this template is not created by us (it is published on templates gallery), I will personally download the budget template and try to debug to see why this error your mentioned is happening. I guess Microsoft will also be happy if the feedback is reported there, too (they have a “Submit Feedback” link in the target page).

    1. Hi Alfredo,
      Thank you for your comment. Did you try to open the same spreadsheet into Excel 2011 for Mac? Isn’t it working?

  2. I also would like to know how they made the drop down list for the months that specific design or edit it by any means.

  3. This is an amazing spreadsheet but the dashboard does seem to be broken. In the monthly breakdown, none of the income is shown and the expense are all off by 1 month. Does anyone know how to fix these 2 problems?

    1. Hi Josh, I was going to check the issue that you reported by seems Microsoft removed the template from the Templates Gallery. Are you still having this problem as this comment was submitted in November last year? Let me know and we will try to recover the Excel template from our old records.

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