Secure PowerPoint Presentations On Android Devices With PowerPoint Lock

PowerPoint presentations can often contain personal ideas and sensitive information which might require protection from prying eyes. In such a case it can become necessary to secure a PowerPoint presentation so that others may not be able to access it and steal your ideas. This is particularly true for people who require using shared computers at office. If you have a PowerPoint presentation that requires protection then use PowerPoint Lock. It is a free Android application that enables users to secure their presentations saved on their mobile device.

As shared computers can be unsecure, you can transfer your presentations on your mobile device and use PowerPoint Lock to further secure them. When launched, this application displays all your presentations saved on the SD card. You can lock your file explorer by selecting the list icon and the files that you wish to secure. Furthermore, you can also add, delete, edit, copy/move, zip, and share your files. To protect your documents, long click or tap on the document that you want to secure and select the “Encrypt option ( as shown below).

All encrypted documents are displayed with a padlock icon. You can decrypt your documents by tapping on them (or using long click), followed by the selection of the ‘Decrypt’ option.

Other than being a useful lock for your PowerPoint documents, PowerPoint lock also provides the luxury of an ad-free and user friendly interface. To secure your documents, this application uses AES encryption. The only thing that PowerPoint app may lack is the ability to create a cloud backup. If some kind of integration with a cloud based service can be provided, the application can be further enhanced and may be more widely used. We hope that the developers will consider this suggestion and hopefully provide some kind of cloud based integration for PowerPoint Lock in the near future.

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