Impress.js: Open Source Alternative To Prezi For Creating Presentations

Prezi is a famous presentation platform that is based on Saas (Software as a service) and known for its Zooming UI. What distinguishes Prezi from other web application is its ability to allow users to seamlessly zoom into certain parts of the presentation in a convenient manner. While Prezi is an excellent web app, it can cost users as much as $159 (a year) to use it. If you are looking for a free alternative to Prezi, then try Impress.js and Impressionist Editor. Impress.js is a free presentation tool inspired by the Prezi platform that can be used for creating attractive presentations. Furthermore, you can utilize the Impressionist Editor for creating and editing presentations with impress.js.

As Impress.js is a JavaScript library for creating presentations and comes with powerful CSS3 support, you can use it to create more customized presentations than MS PowerPoint or Prezi. Moreover, it is free to use and highly adaptable because of being open source.

Impressionist – A free editor for Impress.js presentations

With the help of the Impressionist editor you can create impress.js presentations by defining slide transitions via the drag and drop orchestrator. A few major features of the Impressionist Editor include; the ability to author WSWIYG (what you see is what you get) slides, support for text, images, as well as options for 3D orchestration, presentation preview and more. It must be noted that the Impressionist Editor is in its Alpha stage and therefore users might face some bugs.

Impressionism is in Alpha version but you can start editing your Impress.js presentation and download or run online. The editor is really awesome and here we took some screenshots for you.


The Orchestration view lets organize the content and you can apply some nice 3D effects like rotation X,Y,Z and slide depth. Then you can link all the slides using different paths.


Similarly, Impressionist UI for impress.js is considered as one of the world’s largest UI elements pack. The Impressionist UI provides hundreds of elements such as edit boxes, buttons, tabs, menus, notification windows, backgrounds, graphics, sliders and much more. Hence, Impressionist UI can also be used for creating presentations with Impress.js.

Another aspect that makes impress.js quite unique is the ability to create HTML 5 presentations in 3D. If you want to see a demonstration of the kind of presentations that you can create with Impress.js, then see this official demo. You can also use the impress.js – Slide Show (S9) Template Pack for creating presentations with Impress.js. This template pack makes it possible to create slides in a wiki type markup language. According to the developer the only thing that can “limit” you is your imagination. This is a reference to the power of Impress.js and how it can help you position, rotate and scale slides to create eye-catching presentations. You can get the Impress.js source code from Github.

Download Impress.js

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