Quickly Create 3D Charts In Android With 3D Charts App

3D Charts is an Android application for creating different types of charts using your Android device. With the help of this app you can create elaborate charts in 3D format in just a matter of seconds. The available charts include dozens of 3D and 2D chart types including Pie, Pyramid, Doughnut, Cone, Funnel, Line, Area, Column, Cylinder, Floating Area, Free Radar, etc. The charts made with this app are highly customizable, as you can add photos, colors and logos to change the look of chart templates. Once a chart is complete you can export it as a PNG file so that it can be used anywhere (e.g.in  a PowerPoint presentation).

3D Charts

This app requires Adobe Air to be installed on your device and you might even get a prompt to install it (if it isn’t already installed). The app provides a list if the available chart types that you can use to begin creating your required graphs. When creating your chart you can use the various options to select the chart size, color, text, caption, prefix, suffix, etc.

Edit Chart

After your chart as been rendered, you can export it as a PNG image which is quite convenient as a PNG can be easily used with various applications, uploaded to a blog and added to presentation slides.

Chart Image

For more information about 3D Charts app, see the video given below.

Other than the free version, 3D Charts also has a Pro version that costs $1.99 and comes with more chart types than the free version.

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