Boost Your Business with Thinking Method SCAMPER

Creation and innovation fall under two main ideas that are required for boosting any business. SCAMPER has emerged as an effective business tool capable of sparking creativity and helping business people to face any challenge efficiently.

Main idea behind SCAMPER is that everything new has been created as a result of modifications or alteration made in an already existing Item.

Let us introduce you with a broader overview of SCAMPER

S stands for Substitute

Main idea behind substitution process is to improve the business profit. Say for instance, you are a car manufacturer, and then substituting metal sheets with traditional plastic will help in enhancing mileage as well as longevity of the vehicles being produced in your firm. In similar way different industries can think for cheaper and long lasting substitute products.

C stands for Combine

Try to combine two or more similar processes which are compatible with each other. This will save your time, effort as well as labor for producing a substance. New innovations like printing press etc. have been made by combining different merchandise.

A stands for Adapt

Adapt in itself suggests to get accustomed to some new procedure. Zenon Environmental has set an all new definition of adaption by creating water purification system by adapting the process of reverse osmosis.

M stands for Modification i.e. to Minimize or Maximize

Need of modification arises only when an individual thinks of adding some fresh idea into already defined process. Its main objective is to enhance the level of profit. For example, Radio has maximized news content by hosting 24 hour exclusive news station. Similarly, health and beauty products are developed with an aim to minimize various aging signs.

P stands for Put to other Uses

This is beneficial process as it helps in reducing wastage of material and products. When SPAR aerospace sold NASA, their arms were put into use as a backhoe by US Military for cleaning up old missile silo sites.

E stands for Erase or Eliminate

You need to take out or eliminate the parts or processes which have become obsolete. Food companies prove to be a good example for elimination as they remove all the expired food products and replace them with fresh ones. Elimination of unwanted substances also helps in reduction of environmental waste as well.

R stands for Rearrange or Reverse

What according to you was invented earlier microscope or a telescope? At times, business people need to reverse, rearrange as well as reorder their products so that their sale can be improvised.

As you can see, the main idea behind introduction of SCAMPER is to enhance your manner and level of thinking as it can lead to creation and invention of new processes helpful in improving your business.

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