Prototyping Spectrum from Low Fidelity to High Fidelity

With the help of presentation bundles from Keynotopia, it is finally possible to create interactive High Fidelity prototypes quickly and cheaply. Keynotopia offers a collection of templates containing UI design components to transform your favorite presentation application into the best rapid prototyping tool for creating mobile, web and desktop app mockups.

Prototyping Spectrum from Low Fidelity to High Fidelity

Originally, when you needed to design a user interface, the UX designer should have used complex and expensive design tools. Even then, they needed developers to make the UI interactive and you needed to spend lot of money building the prototyping. But with the help of Keynotopia you can use popular presentation tools like PowerPoint or iWorks Keynote to make great looking user interfaces in minutes.

This is the spectrum showing the different types of prototypes. From paper sketches that are in the left side of the spectrum as low fidelity prototypes that originally can be achieved fast, going thru mockups, wireframesk, comps until HTML, JS and Flash with highest fidelity but requiring more time and budget.

twitter bootstrap

With the set of PowerPoint templates from Keynotopia you can create a new slide for each application screen, by copy the existing elements from Keynotopia PPT templates and then paste them into your slides to create a great looking user interface in minutes. The bundles contains UX design components for popular frameworks like  Metro interfaces, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap as well as other sketches components.

All components present in the templates are vector shapes designed from scratch in Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice. It is possible to edit the labels, colors and resize each component without leaving your favorite presentation tool or installing addins.

Then you can export the slides as clickable PDF, and send the presentation to your favorite device. This will help to test the design with users as if it were a functional prototype, or share it to your team to get feedback.

Definitely this way to build prototypes will let you save on production expenses. Keynotopia templates include thousands of pixel perfect royalty free vector components and icons created in Keynote and PowerPoint that you can use directly in your commercial applications.

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