Design Process

What is PowerPoint Designer?

When I switched from PowerPoint 2013 to PowerPoint 2016, I could instantly feel the difference. Not only is the latest edition of PowerPoint smoother in functionality than its predecessor but has some of the most amazing features hidden discretely, and one of them is PowerPoint Designer.

Prototyping Spectrum from Low Fidelity to High Fidelity

With the help of presentation bundles from Keynotopia, it is finally possible to create interactive High Fidelity prototypes quickly and cheaply. Keynotopia offers a collection of templates containing UI design components to transform your favorite presentation application into the best rapid prototyping tool for creating mobile, web and desktop app mockups. Originally, when you needed to …

Role of Planning in making an effective PowerPoint presentation

What according to you can be the major procedure for creating useful, informative and visually appealing work in different tools of Microsoft office suite? Is it the animation scheme, transitions, font color, text background or pictures? Of course they play an important role, but planning is the chief aspect, essential in formulating any creation. Now, the …