PESTEL Analysis

PEST or PESTEL analysis is a simple and effective tool used in strategy management and situation analysis to identify the key external forces that might affect an organization. By external forces we mean the macro environment level. The external forces can create both opportunities and threats for an organization. Here you can download free PEST and PESTEL PowerPoint templates including awesome diagrams and business slide designs.

Animated PESTLE Analysis Presentation Template For PowerPoint

A PESTLE analysis is used to scan various factors of interest for formulating strategic and marketing plans. Formerly, this analysis was called a PEST analysis, however, over a period of time, two additional elements were added to create what’s now called a PESTLE analysis. The Animated PESTLE Analysis Presentation Template for PowerPoint gives very attractive, …

Product Adoption Process Curve in PowerPoint

Product Adoption Process is a five stage process which is used for identifying trends of customers regarding their adoption or rejection of a particular product. If you wish to demonstrate the five stages of this model in the form of a presentation slide, you can use the tutorial given below to understand how to construct …

Using The DESTEP Analysis For Making Business Forecasts

Nowadays, with the help of a DESTEP analysis organizations may easily get the overview of its external environment. Each and every company is faced with some factors they cannot exercise influence on and the factors they can exert influence on. Thus, by Evaluating the DESTEP Analysis, one can easily get the clear information.

What is a DESTEP Analysis

DESTEP is basically a wide-ranged analysis of various macro factors that may be held responsible for invading upon an organization’s operations as well as business. DESTEP is an acronym term for Demographic, Economical, Social, Technological, Ecological and Political analysis. 1. Demographics Analysis Demographics represent human population in a statistical form. Business people need to take …