Procreate for iPad: The Most Advanced Drawing App Ever

Technology has indeed taken arts and graphics through a big leap, especially with the many apps today that make it easy to create art right from your iPad. These days, digital graphic artists can now take their work off their desks and out in the world or when they’re travelling, where they can better be inspired. Thanks to amazing apps like Procreate for iPad.

Procreate for iPad is not just another drawing tool for iPad. In fact, amateurs and pros alike can see how it’s actually a cut above the rest when it comes to digital graphics and graphic design. Even those who have no formal background in graphic designing can find that Procreate is so easy to use and allows you to create beautiful, stunning artwork; easily and quickly.

What is Procreate?

Procreate for iPad is a sketching, painting, design, calligraphy and illustration app specially created for mobile devices. In fact, it’s the most advanced app for mobile devices that you can use an Apple Pencil like it’s a real paintbrush or even a calligraphy pen–a complete artist’s toolbox and studio in one nifty app.

Powered by its own ground-breaking, non-GPU reliant painting engine called Silica, Procreate is fast and efficient, making it easy to toggle through tools and layers as you create your own masterpiece.

Its tools are immediately responsive, no matter what iPad version you have. Blending is also easy, as if you’re blending real paints yourself. Furthermore, Procreate for iPad has an unlimited library of brushes to allow you different kinds of painting effects and looks for all kinds of art projects. It also has revolutionary tools for selection and perspective to optimize iPad’s multi-touch functions.

And if everyone is wondering just how you do such amazing artwork, you can show them using Procreate’s revolutionary video features. You can use its time-lapse replay or record everything in real time. You can also broadcast your process live using your favorite streaming app so your audience can see your journey as you create your masterpiece.

Procreate Provides Unlimited Creative Possibilities for Everyone

For someone who is into drawing the traditional way, using a paper and pen, or canvass and paint, Procreate provides a refreshing yet not unfamiliar experience. It works just like you’re in your own element, using your own choice of art medium, but without all the mess and materials. Your canvass is your device, and you create art with only your imagination as your limit.

As for those who don’t have prior art experience or haven’t used any art or painting app, they’ll find Procreate easy. Unlike other design, graphics or painting apps that leave newbies and beginner users intimidated by the complex tools and functions, Procreate is easy. In fact, its functions and features are streamlined and simplified that you will even find yourself more encouraged to explore and extend your creativity even more.

And since it’s specially created and optimized for the iPad, you can make the most of the gadget’s features. You can connect it to a keyboard or use easy and ergonomic shortcuts. Meanwhile, its advanced layering system allows you precise and exact control over individual elements in your artwork. These layers can then be grouped together easily for a neat workspace. You also have access to 17 layer blending modes for awesome compositing. And if you make mistakes, you have up to 250 levels of undo and redo to help you get back on track.

Simply put, all these features are superbly put together so you can create stunning and cinematic-quality effects that will make you look like a pro, whatever your skill level may be.

Whether you want to create a classic-looking masterpiece or a contemporary mixed medium piece, Procreate gives you a fuss-free, mess-free way to do it all–and you don’t even have to be in a studio to do so.

If you want to find out just how awesome this award-winning drawing up is, get Procreate for iPad.

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