Painting Picture Of Success Animated PowerPoint Template

A successful presentation is many a times about painting a rosy picture. Even if you do it literally! Painting Picture of Success Animated PowerPoint Template is an interesting template which gives animated paint themed slide layouts for constructing animated slides.

Remove Any Image Background With Clipping Magic

When using images for PowerPoint presentations, blog posts and other projects, one may require removing their background so that they may blend in with the colors of your presentation slide, blog or canvas.  However, removing a background image isn’t easy and being a PRO at PhotoShop is not possible for everyone. While you can also …

How to apply artistic effects in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 comes with a full set of styles and effects that you can apply to images and graphics in Power Point.  This feature is called Artistic Effects and it is different than the Picture Effects in the sense that you can apply effects directly into the image. In order to apply artistic effects into …