Preseria: An Online Meeting and Presentation Application

Meetings and presentations both have a notorious reputation for being dull and therefore counter-productive. This is probably due to a mix of different factors, one of which involves how meetings are organized and moderated. Then, there’s the fact that meetings are often boring and dragging, with the same issues lengthened, the time allotted not fully maximized. As a result, a lot of time can be wasted without a lot of things actually getting done. Meetings and presentations both keep people from doing their real jobs. However, all this can change with the right tool, such as Preseria.

Online Meeting and Presentation with Preseria

Unify Presentations with Preseria

With Preseria, meetings don’t have to be boring and counter-productive. You can make the most of your time with your team or with clients by creating a stunning, informative, and entertaining presentation.

Preseria is a premium web application that anyone can use to organize conferences. Using this platform, organizers and speakers can upload their presentations for showing in conferences and meeting. The application also makes it easy for users to publish their presentations online.

With Preseria, you can expect your conferences and meetings to be more efficient as it allows you to make your meetings run smoother. Preseria is like everyone’s common dashboard for your meeting, because you and your team can use it to upload everything that you need for your meeting.


Create a Cohesive and Seamless Experience

This application works by first creating and sending invitations for all who will attend the meeting. Then, they can upload their own presentations or other materials to Preseria. Having this platform allows you to present various media without switching from program to program. This makes the experience smoother for you and your audience. No more toggling from one program to the other, and therefore distracting yourself and your audience. Furthermore, the main Preseria file can be easily updated without having to start the process all over again. All the materials can be viewed by you, as the organizer. You can also rearrange the content and the speakers themselves depending on how you want your program to go.

Not only does it help you create a seamless conference, meeting, or presentation, it also helps with helping you wrap up afterward. You can create instant PDF’s out of the presentation to distribute with your participants online or as a printout. It can even be embedded on your website’s homepage.

Preseria Web Conference

Used by Professionals Across Various Industries

Preseria is used by schools and companies all over the globe and across various industries, as it can help organizers put together presentations from different presenters as well as add various media without skipping a beat.

With Preseria, you can be sure that your conferences, whether it’s one afternoon or over the course of a week, will remain smooth and seamless, without unnecessary interruptions.

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