Presentation Etiquette

Regardless, of whether your Presentation is for a social group, the office, family meeting or even a school. Presentation etiquette should always be followed as it helps you in conveying your message to the audience in a desirable way.

No doubt, there is no misconception to this statement that “Presentations are boring”. However, on the other hand one just can’t deny this fact that if you will keep your listeners respectful of your Presentation and tuned in. Then, it becomes easier for you to put your best foot forward with effective communication skills.

PowerPoint Presentation Etiquette

One can easily transmit a good message through Presentation, if a presenter comply with all below mentioned points, which will tell you what exactly etiquette means in today’s, fast paced world where everyone is short of time:

Come Well Dressed

It is always recommended to be better appareled than your audience since it shows your respect. Thus, if none of your audience wears a tie, then after few minutes you can take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves to put your listeners at ease.

Never Be Late

If you make your audience wait for even 3 minutes, then it just clearly shows that you are not given them due respect.  When they are capable enough showed up on time, then it’s your responsibility to come ahead of time after all you are a presenter. It is recommended to test your projector, device connection, lights, auditorium, speaker phones, as well as other devices before you start the presentation.

Be Prepared for an Uncertainty

In case, if you lose the zip drive your slideshow was saved on, then you must have a backup in the form of hard copy that you can distribute among spectators. Thus, it’s better to prepare yourself in advance for the uncertain circumstance.

Speak Clearly

If your audience won’t be able to listen to what you are trying to convey, they are sure to lose interest and so this tip plays a vital role in making or breaking up your Presentation. Therefore, speak slowly and not rapidly as it shows you have crammed a lot of stuff for your Presentation.

Eye Contact

If you sense that audience is not getting what you are saying, then do get feedback and make sure you look at your spectators not at screen.  Only then, you would be able to do justice with your Presentation. At the end of talk, thank them twice!

Beside of these advices, any presentation should have its own rules depending on the topic or interest group. Normally, you won’t like to delay the presentation more than the agreed time in advance, especially if you are presenting to a business group but there may exist other more relaxed presentations. If you want to keep under control the time spent and available time during a presentation, you can use the presentation time tracker tools (for Android, iPhone or Blackberry). You can also download other light alerts and meeting time tracker software for presentations to be installed in PowerPoint for PC that can be helpful to alert you when the presentation should be finished.

Finally, by now you must have understood the meaning of presentation etiquette which subsequently can take your presentation to the next level. Keep exploring the tips and add ‘Power’ to your Presentations.

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