Exclusive Interview with Serge Starenko of PPTStar.com

PPTStar.com is a PowerPoint presentation templates provider which offers professionally designed themes for Microsoft PowerPoint. What makes PPTStar stand out from the crowd is the stunning graphics and imagery of their templates, which are designed by expert professionals with adequate knowledge about how to create vibrant templates that are both attractive and yet easy on the eyes. These templates have been designed to seamlessly integrate with your added content, with the ability to adapt to the presenters ideas in a complementary manner.

Exclusive Interview with Serge Starenko of PPTStar.com

We have had the opportunity to talk to Serge Starenko, the CEO and Founder of PPTStar.com which will share his ideas about current state of PowerPoint and the future of PowerPoint in the following exclusive interview.

Q. How long have you been involved in this business?

A. The first web project was launched in July 2004. In 2006 we had to change the domain name to the new one, because the old name contained a trademark of Microsoft corporation. PPTStar.com is our new project based on our existing products and has few new features which will be released soon. All our customers will be pleasantly surprised.

Q. What do you think about the future of PowerPoint?

A. The future is bright because any person wants to present something, herself/himself, his/her pet, own plans, business plans, ideas, solutions, results, etc. Of course, the product itself will be transformed and changed, and amended with new features become more transparent and accessible to the end user.

Q. How do you think we can estimate the real number of PowerPoint presentations held every new day?

A. In a day? I think that depends from a day, most of people rest on Sundays and Holidays In my opinion the estimated count of daily presentations is about 10-50 millions in a day, but I could be wrong on 2-10 millions.

Q. What do you think about PowerPoint competitors like Prezi, Keynote, etc.

They are good expand the existing capabilities of standard PowerPoint. Good competitive products, but each of them has its own niche – Prezi requires understanding the product and not a standard approach to the presentation, Keynote works on Mac and maximum, to which he can count – capture the market of Mac.

Q. What do you think about Anti-PowerPoint movements and PowerPoint as a tool?

A. That’s right, the PowerPoint is just a tool. And like any tool, it needs to be possess in perfection. It’s like a gun – in professional and good hands it could save hundreds of lives, in bad hands could lead to a tragedy. Gun as PowerPoint is managed by people. PowerPoint helps to express and present ideas and messages. But if there is no thought, no communication or ideas, or it is not worked, in this case even the most advanced tool can’t help. People tend to blame someone or something, if they themselves have something failed.

That’s why PPTStar creates a lot of useful and ready to use diagrams and visual PowerPoints to help even a novice and non-experienced presenters to catch their audience and send the message to them.

From FPPT we are pleased to have the opportunity to discuss with Serge and thank him for taking the time to answer to all our questions. You can learn more on www.pptstar.com


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