PowerPoint Wireless

Running a PowerPoint wireless presentation is possible and you can also control your PowerPoint presentation wireless. There are many presenters and PowerPoint remote controls that you can use, but here we will show you one from Honeywell.

PowerPoint Wireless

Power Presenter is a wireless PowerPoint remote control that let you play your PowerPoint presentations using a small but powerful wireless presenter tool

This wireless presenter has a few buttons in the device and is used by educators, top executive, trainers as well as marketing professionals or human resource managers or sales professionals who need to host PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint presenter

The Mini Power Presenter comes packaged complete with everything you need right out of the box including a wireless palm size remote control witha  USB stick receiver and coin battery. The receiver is stored conveniently behind the remote. There is no need to interrupt your presentation to advance slides.

  • Range: 66ft RF -Omni-directional range
  • Universal USB PC and Macintosh
  • Easy plug – and – play …no software to load
  • Simple forward, reverse, and blank screen control
  • Sharp integrated laser pointer
  • Works with most presentation software (keyboard functions only)
  • Great battery life and 12 months warranty
  • Power: CR2032 battery

This can be a cost effective way to run presentations remotely however if you have a smartphone you may consider running your presentations with an Android presenter for PowerPoint as well as other iPhone presenters for PowerPoint.

Go to Honeywell Presenter product page in Amazon starting at $77.72