Microsoft Office business application for the iPad

According to The Daily, Microsoft is planning a version of its Microsoft Office business application for the iPad. Microsoft is actively working on adapting its popular Microsoft Office suite for Apple’s iPad.

Millions of people worldwide is using Microsoft Office on their PC so they are also expecting that people can use Word, PowerPoint and Excel in Apple products, too. Definitely that would be a big cash income for the tech giant.

There is also a new version of Office expected for OS X Lion to be released next year 2012.  The Lion version will be available through Mac App Store. Office 2012 is currently in beta form. Accordingly to the report, the plan is that Office 365 will be supported also in mobile versions like Windows Phone 7

Another interesting fact about this is that the price will be reduced up to $10 to match Apple’s product like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The idea is that this Microsoft Office for iPad will be available through the Apple Store for download.

It is well known that Microsoft already had some applications ready for iPad, including Bing, Hotmail, MSN Onit and MSN OnPoint. Some other applications are also available for iPhone like Microsoft Tag, Windows Live Messenger and Wonderwall.

Besides Office Microsoft is also working hard to release the flagship product Windows 8 any time during next year, with the name Windows Server 2012. This OS will be strongly focused on Metro interface. The full versions of Microsoft Office for Mac and Windows 8 are expected to launch near the end of 2012, though the iPad version could come well ahead of that date.

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