PowerPoint 2010: Audio And Video in Depth Training Course

When creating presentations many people often underestimate the use of audio and video files which can be integrated within slides to have a more lasting impact on the audience. As visual content, particularly videos mixed with sound can affect all human senses simultaneously; the right mix of these elements can result in an effective and gripping presentation. We have previously brought you a number of reviews for course by Lynda.com, which is a renowned company that provides computer base training videos for various applications. PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth Training course is another course by Lynda.com which is meant to help users create multimedia presentations. Unlike the PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training Course, this course is meant for users who already have knowledge of the basic features of MS PowerPoint 2010.

Overview of PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth Training course

PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth Training course (by Lynda.com) is meant to help users integrate and enhance multimedia content within their PowerPoint presentations, such as the right blend of audio and video content to create an effective presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Audio and Video in Depth Training course


This training course is presented by Alicia Katz Pollock, who was also the trainer in the PowerPoint 2010 Power Shortcuts Training Course. The course provides tips to help users create a multimedia presentation by applying video styles, reducing file size of multimedia presentations and making presentations more eye-catching with the help of various built-in PowerPoint options. On top of that, the course comes with very simple, yet effective tips which do not require the end user to go through the hassle of working with specific types of multimedia files. The Introduction section of this course starts off with a Welcome video explaining the course outline, followed by a video about how you can download exercise files used by the trainer in the video from the Lynda website.

PowerPoint 2010 Audio and Video in Depth Course Introduction

Managing Multimedia Presentations

The course starts off with explanation about using video and audio files in an appropriate manner within your slides, tips about copyright considerations, information about linking and embedding videos in presentations and a guide for working with various video formats.

Inserting Videos

As the name of this chapter suggests, the training videos in this section of the course deal with video inserting options and tips using Microsoft PowerPoint, including; GIF from clipart gallery, videos from your computer, insertion a video as a Windows Media Player control, linking to YouTube videos and using action buttons.

Working With Proprietary Formats

Inserting a QuickTime video, playing flash based animations, dealing with ActiveX and inserting web pages within slides isn’t the easiest thing to do as one can run into many technical issues. This chapter explains how to deal with the aforementioned without getting into the hassle of looking for too many workarounds.

Managing Multimedia Presentations

Editing Videos

Chapter four of this training course comes with eight videos explaining editing tips and tricks for adding videos to your presentations without any unwanted or unnecessarily lengthy duration. This includes training for trimming, cropping, recoloring, and adding bookmarks to videos, selecting a poster frame and synchronizing text captions.

Formatting Videos

Chapter 5 continues from the video editing training section and moves on to more elaborate tips for resizing, playing videos as slide backgrounds and using a video in a shape.

Applying Video Effects

After you have added and formatted videos, you might be interested in applying various effects to it such as designing the video border, adding shadows, reflections, glow, soft edges, 3D rotations, etc. This part of the training course explains how you can do just that.

Applying Effects

Setting Video Playback options

Chapter seven concentrates on providing end users with details regarding the adjustment of volume, auto play, playing videos in a loop or full screen mode, delaying playback of a video, hiding media controls during presentations and the like.

Troubleshooting Video Issues

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid multimedia content for presentations is to avoid glitches. Chapter eight can help you avoid such issues and provide troubleshooting tips.

Playing Videos

Adding Audio Clips

Coming to the sound based options that can be used in a PowerPoint presentation, chapter nine deals with working with audio file formats, inserting sound to presentations and playing audio from an external application during presentations.

Settings Sound Playback Options

Just like the video playback options chapter (chapter 7), this chapter deals with audio editing features of MS PowerPoint 2010, such as trimming, cropping, looping and delaying audio clips, as well as using various other audio editing and management features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Triggering Sound Effects

Adding sound effects to transitions and animations, triggering audio playback with objects, and triggering actions with audio bookmarks can make a presentation quite engaging. This chapter teaches you how to perform the aforementioned tasks for your PowerPoint presentations.

Working With Soundtracks

The working with Soundtracks chapter shows users how to manage soundtracks, audio recording and narrations during presentations.

Play Audio Files

Saving Multimedia Presentations

The last chapter of this training course shows you how to save multimedia presentations, optimizing media compatibility, compressing media files and the like. This section is followed by the “Conclusion”, which is basically a Goodbye video.

Saving Multimedia Presentations

To purchase this training course and membership options at Lynda.com, see the link given below. You can unlock the entire Online Training library of Lynda for just $25 per month. Members are provided with access to more than 1,500 video courses for web designing, Microsoft PowerPoint, business, photography, programming, animation, and more.

Watch the full PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth Training course

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