Pixabay Add-in Brings Free Stock Photos to Word & PowerPoint

Nothing makes any document or presentation shine even more than some well-placed high-quality photos. This is why Office makes it easier for Word and PowerPoint users to insert images into their documents and slides using simple add-ins like the Pixabay add-in.

We all know that Pixabay has been around for a long while bringing thousands of high-quality stock images for creative and commercial use through its web platform. Now, it can be used by Microsoft Office users right within Word and PowerPoint as a useful add-in.

pixabay add-in for word and powerpoint

Spice Up Documents and Presentations with Pixabay

Searching for images online to be used for reports and presentations can be a drag. There’s toggling through windows and browser tags, not to mention the extra time trying to figure out how to properly license the images. Some even have to pay premium to get the quality and look that they want.

Now, getting high-quality images for Word and PowerPoint is easier with the Pixabay add-in. This is a free service that allows Word and PowerPoint users to search through Pixabay’s large and diverse image database and use them–without even leaving their document or slideshow.

Best of all, the images are royalty free, leaving out the guesswork of proper attribution. The tons of high-quality images can all be used for free.

With the Pixabay add-in, you get the best of the royalty-free image provider without any obligation and with just a few clicks. You don’t have to leave your Word or PowerPoint application because you can search for the images that you need right in the environment you’re working on.

Business Images at Pixabay

Get the Pixabay Add-in for Word and PowerPoint

You can get the Pixabay Add-in within Microsoft AppSource. Just go to the portal and make sure you’re logged in with your Microsoft credentials. Search the AppSource for Pixabay by typing the add-in’s name on the search field.

Once you see the Pixabay add-in icon, just click it to go to the download page. Here, just hit the “Get it now” button to start the installation process. You will then be redirected to Word or PowerPoint to continue.

If you want to install the add-in to both applications, you have to follow the procedure once each for Word and PowerPoint. The add-in is compatible for PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint Online, Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac, and Word Online.

search for images in the pixabay taskpane

Another way to get the Pixabay add-in is to open a Word document or PowerPoint slideshow. From here, go to the Insert tab in the Ribbon. Look for the Add-ins option and click this. Then, choose Store and another window populates. Simply type in Pixabay in the search box and once you see the Pixabay icon, just click the Add button next to it.

Add Pixabay Add-in

Once the add-in is installed, you will see the Pixabay icon in the Insert menu options. Just click on it to open the Pixabay task pane. From here, you can search Pixabay’s over one million image repository by typing in your desired keyword on the search box. The results will also show in the task pane.

Pixabay Images in PowerPoint Slides

Once you find the image that you like, just click on it and it will be automatically inserted into your document or slide. You can drag to reposition the image and make other adjustments from there onwards.

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