Creative Ideas About Closing Remarks for PowerPoint Presentations

For an effective presentation it is vital to have a great opening and closing because that proves your presentation skills. Your ending could be humorous, motivational, challenging, respectful, thoughtful depends on your presentation topic.

how to end presentation

It is said that your audience would definitely remember ending of your presentation as they have heard it last.

Also, the close should summarize the objectives of the presentation and leave the audience with the feeling that they got what they came for. Closing should be influencing.

It is always advisable that you should put more efforts in ending of your presentation as it gives you a great opportunity.

Remember to end your presentation with bang!

Let’s have a look on 4 major closure elements that you can include in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Summary: It is vital to underline or bold all the key points in the end for summarizing. Because it becomes tough for your audience to remember every step. It will help them to recall the whole presentations.
  • Conclusion: Again, a very important element, conclusion is also known as a punch line. Which could be funny, if possible humorous, thoughtful and a little pithy. This could convey a clear idea about your main but remember! It should not be a lengthy one.
  • Thanks: It is the most effective manner to impress your audience. If you use politeness although your presentation then it could give your speech a hype. It is being observed that people like to be thanked for their time and patience. You can download Thank you last slide templates for your presentations.
  • Q & A: Lastly, the Q & A section. This element could also be a great asset to present to conclude your entire presentation.

There are some more elements then the ones explain above. You can also consider these factors in your closing:

  1. Another best way to impress your audience is to add an element call for action you can invite your audience to share their reviews.
  2. As mentioned above you can also add humor in your presentation but you must know where to put humor or if situation is not to crake a joke then you can also conclude by conveying a touching story.
  3. Ask such question which can leave your audience thinking.
  4. You can also make use of a few Use amazing facts associated to your presentation.
  5. Conclude by providing Moral of your subject.
  6. Also you can use some good lines from your favorite poems or quotations.
  7. End with a helpful example.

It is suggested that you must use closure according to the subject that you are presenting in front of your audience. Always have a good preparation for ending with a speech. Paying attention to the closing remarks and concluding your presentation can also be the last opportunity to get a better applause from your audience. Closing your presentation is the last impression!


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