Chart In Excel

How to Insert a Linked Excel Chart in PowerPoint

Embed or Insert Chart from Excel to PowerPoint

When you’re creating PowerPoint presentations, listing your ideas and data in every slide can make your slides look dull. It’s nice to break it up with images and visuals. And while pictures can paint many words, if you want to present comprehensive information, you have to have charts. Here is a tip on how to …

Add Labels to XY Chart Data Points in Excel with XY Chart Labeler

Add Labels

When you’re creating charts and graphs in Excel, the process is pretty much straightforward. You use the built-in Wizard within Excel to create compelling visuals that analyze and represent your data. Usually, when you create charts, you can format your chart labels with Series Name, Category Name, and Value. You can label them however you …

Non Profit Fundraising Report Maker For Excel

Create a Beautiful and Interesting Fundraising Report

Fundraising activities are important in generating funds for an important cause that would do a lot of good for the community, environment or for organizations. The success of a fundraising activity lies in making a strong case for your cause and in our previous articles, we have marketing templates that can help you plan and …

Free Event Planning Tracker Template For Excel

Covers All Phases of Event Planning

For any event, big or small, to be successful, careful and thorough planning is essential. You have to pool all the necessary manpower and resources and direct them according to your plan. Good event planning consists of progressive phases and detailed costing. The Free Event Planning Tracker Template for Excel helps you create a smooth, …

Break Even Analysis Template for Excel 2013 With Data Driven Charts


Every business needs a way to forecast its costs and sales in order to plan and make crucial decisions. This is because forecasting sales and costs allows the company to know if they are going on the right track with their company’s various activities.

Make a Chart in PowerPoint and Excel

We’ve explored creating several kinds of charts in PowerPoint in previous tutorials. We’ve also created a chart and edited it accordingly. Now we will create a chart in Excel and later explain the advantages of using Excel and PowerPoint, their strengths and weaknesses in areas. Creating a chart in Excel is a very straightforward task. You don’t …