D&B Business Verification Template For Excel

Business verification is a process by which a company or organization undergoes investigative measures to check on the existence of a business, obtain corporate information, or search for any publicĀ files or any debt collection records. This is a way to safeguard your company’s transactions, and sometimes to prevent any fraud and even money laundering activities.


Easy D&B App in Excel

Business Verification is a tedious task and you would need to hire many people to do the task for you. However, if you have a regularly updated and reliable database where you can get the information you need, then you are pretty much set.

The D&B Business Verification Template for Excel can help you to conveniently verify and look up business verification details. All you have to do is to open this document app, login to the Windows Marketplace and subscribe to the Business Verification offer, which gives you 100 records for one month for free. Then, simply replace the sample business data on the Business Verification worksheet with your own information and run the Business Verification. If you want to add additional rows to the preset table, just enter data directly below the last table entry.


Business Verification Worksheet

This D&B Business Verification Template for Excel is professionally designed to make it user-friendly, easy to understand, and quick to navigate. The template contains four worksheet tabs, starting with the Business Verification. Here, you have a header of Total Records, Unmatched / Data Quality Errors, Confidence code (more than or equal to 8) and Confidence code (less than or equal to 7). This is a summary of your records shown in the table below. The table contains all the demographic data of the business: Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, and Phone. These are then run through the D&B Database to give back information such Status, DUNS Number, Confidence Code, Match Grade, and Remarks, which automatically populate in the table.

The Confidence Code is a scale of 1 to 10, which measures the quality of the match. Meanwhile, the series of letters in Match Grade (A, B, F, or Z) is an evaluation of each component of the match. These two measurements provide you with qualitative feedback on the match result and business verification.


Combined Output and Country Code Tabs

The Combined Output worksheet is where your entered data on the Business Verification sheet and the verified data are combined into a single, unified view. The Country Code tab provides you a reference of the many two-letter country codes worldwide. This Business Verification Template also comes with a Help tab to further assist you with your own Business Verification and provide you with contact information for other questions.

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