Crimson Landscape PowerPoint Template

No other color draws the eyes of the audience than red. Red is intense and captivating and you can channel the energy and intensity of red with a bright red PowerPoint template.

The Crimson Landscape PowerPoint Template is a beautiful PowerPoint template that features a gradient and interesting crimson background with many shapes and shades. It plays on textures and light and dark gradients to add more interest to the slides, while the white text effectively sets off against the background for maximum readability.


Create Compelling Crimson Slides

This Crimson Landscape PowerPoint Template has a title slide that has textured crimson abstract shapes. There is a sweeping bright overlay to highlight your Subtitle, while the Title is in big white font.

Meanwhile, the inside slides have the same theme, with a light overlay on top for a lighter crimson accent and the dark crimson colors on the main background to set off the white text and other content. With this template, you can easily add tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams while still maintaining the same theme and making your objects effectively coordinate with the rest of the slides.


Easily Customize Your Templates

Furthermore, by clicking on New Slide on the Home menu, you can populate a wide array of slide layouts for you to use to complete your own presentation, whether long or short. There are layouts for comparisons, transitions, captioned images, and many more. You can also create your own layout by using the blank slide.


This template can be further customized to your own company or organization by adding your company logo and slogan. Since the template is abstract, you can also easily add headers and footers on the slides without distracting from the look of your theme.

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