Methods to play PowerPoint on TV

Playing PowerPoint presentations on TV is a need that is increasing day to day since there are new cost effective widescreen TV with a very good resolution and features.

However, one of the most controversial questions for presenters is how to run PowerPoint presentations on TV without using Microsoft PowerPoint or even a computer to play the presentation.

PowerPoint on TV

Well, some experts may suggest to convert the PowerPoint presentation to video format, since most TVs can accept USB connectors, you can just plug your USB pendrive in a TV or share the PPT presentation in the office network and then play it on the TV.

Since most TVs do not have built-in processors or Windows installed they cannot run PowerPoint presentations in their native environment from a USB key. This is the reason why you should convert it to video format first.

In some professional PowerPoint projectors, some manufacturers include special software that essentially takes image captures of each slide in the PowerPoint file and stores them in JPG format. Those jpegs are then stored on the USB key and accessed from the projector and act as your presentation. This allows you to present without your laptop computer. However, the drawback here is that you may lost your presentation effects, animations, and more.

You can download some free PowerPoint PPT templates for TV including this enterprise template for PowerPoint or widescreen PowerPoint presentation templates.

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