Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Business Recommendation Letter

As with the growing competition, the job market is getting tougher for the applicants. A recommendation letter can be a helpful source for the applicant who is waiting for his turn to be the next employee of a reputed organization. If you carry a good letter of recommendation in your hand then it will surely add a great value in your resume. Writing a personal recommendation letter, without knowing “how indeed”, could be the biggest challenge. For this purpose you can use the Letter Generator Tool or Letter Templates for Microsoft Word.

Business Recommendation Letter

This letter can be really helpful and can also prove to be useful in searching for a dream job. Below we will be discussing about important do’s & don’ts for business recommendation letter:

1. Ahead of writing recommendation letter, first you must consider your relationship with the other person who is asking for it. Do you know how he works? Is he honest enough? Do you have a positive impression of him in terms of experience? If your answer to these questions is No, then it’s a red flag. Do talk to the candidate and clear your doubts.

2. Business recommendation letter is always given by the manager or supervisor. The individual who can easily describe candidate’s achievements and skills. It is suggested not to include anything that is falsely related to candidate’s skills and abilities.

3. Even though it seems arrogant, it’s vital to highlight your personal credentials when you are drafting a recommendation. As the more you emphasize your skills the more you can impress your employer.

4. When you write a letter then put all important things about the candidate that can depict that you know him inside and out. If you are recommending anyone then you must show confidence in him and include his personal attributes too.

5.  It is quite essential for the recommender that he/she should properly customize the documents that contain details. Check the Proper Pattern the recommendation letter as follows:
•    The credentials must be given in  the signature block, letterhead or  opening paragraph
•    It is vital to describe your relationship with the candidate in the  opening/first  paragraph
•    The relationship between the author and the candidate described in the opening paragraph and again repeated at the end (closing paragraph)
•    Opinion about the applicant must be described in the opening paragraph as well at the end
•    Again, when writing a letter of recommendation, it is a must to describe applicant’s basic attributes in two or three paragraphs

6. Now, when you want to make the letter more personal, you can ask the applicant to share his/her additional details.

7. Always ask about the deadlines, before you actually start writing. And if you get stuck somewhere or because of any reason you fail to deliver the letter of recommendation on time then it is always suggested to inform that candidate for any inconvenience.

Hope the article was helpful for you.

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