Inserting a New Slide in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010 slides can be inserted in different ways. Here we will show you how to insert slides in PowerPoint using this method.

Insert a New Slide from Home menu

New Slide in PowerPoint 2010

For rookies, one way to insert slides is by clicking Home menu and then the New Slide button. Here you will see a new popup appearing with different slide options. This is a good way to quickly insert a slide with a particular layout. For example, you can pick to insert a Title Slide, Title and Content, Section Header, Two Content, Comparison slide, Title online, a Blank slide, a Content with Caption, Picture with Caption.

In addition, you can click other options on the bottom of the popup to:

  • Duplicate Selected Slices easily (first you need to select which slides you want to duplicate)
  • Insert Slides from Outline
  • Reuse Slides

Insert Slides from the left Slides Pane

Another way to insert slides is from the context menu in the slides list. You can see this list of slides on the left of the PowerPoint editor. Right click to open the menu and then look for New Slide option. This has the same effect, however you won’t be able to select a layout unless you change the layout later.

new slide

Finally, if you want to reuse slides you can get them from the New Slide option or you can open a second PowerPoint file and then move the slides from one PowerPoint to the other. You can learn more about reusing PPT slides in PowerPoint 2010.

If you have a custom theme, you can also insert slides using the same approach. Moreover, you will see a live preview while inserting the new slide.

custom template slide new insert

We use this approach daily when we create new PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for your presentations.

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