Insert PDF into PowerPoint presentation

There are many different ways to embed a PDF in a PowerPoint presentation but here we will show you how we can do that by inserting the PDF object.

You should be aware that instead of embedding the PDF directly as an object in PowerPoint, it would be better to convert PDF to image first and then embed the image in JPG or PNG mode. This will be handled better in PowerPoint and also while playing the slideshow.

For the first approach you will need to click on Insert menu and then click Object button. Here the Insert Object dialog will be displayed. Make sure to choose Adobe Acrobat Document and then click OK.

Now you need to find the document in your computer and then insert PDF into the PPT slide.

Another possible approach would be to open PDF in Adobe Photoshop or other editing tool. Make sure to open it in a good resolution, for example in 300dpi, then save it as JPG or other image format. Now you can insert a simple image in PowerPoint.