Tan tan tan taran tan tan… use curtains to generate expectations for your presentation

If we want to show an unpublished graph or news about the company, a project or idea, then we can use animated curtains and effects to uncover an idea or nice chart.  Using curtain images in PowerPoint templates can help to uncover an idea or project in PowerPoint.

red curtain

This curtain image from allfreebrushes can be very helpful to be used as a PowerPoint background when you need to uncover a presentation. Although you can use free templates like Talk Show PowerPoint template with a similar red stage curtain idea.


Starting with an image like this can generate expectation and interest in your audience to let them keep interested about what they will see once the curtain is opened. This can be used as an alternative to other nice PowerPoint effects and animations to keep the audience attention as a top priority.

Possible applications of a red curtain image includes:

  • Highlight charts and product ideas behind a PowerPoint slide.
  • Keep your audience attention and people expecting what is coming.