Importing Google Analytics in PowerPoint using VBA

This is a good example showing how to import Google Analytics data into PowerPoint using Macros and VBA.

Importing Google Analytics in PowerPoint using VBA

In this example we can see that using the Google Analytics VBA functions we can get data from Google Analytics account as we did with Excel. This example get the latest stats from GA account and show the data in a PowerPoint presentation. You need to have Macros enabled in PowerPoint in order to make this work.

GA Data Grabber contains functions to get data from GA using Excel, this explains how to automate your PowerPoint and Excel presentations to generate charts in your presentations and save time. Actually you can save lot of time creating your reports in PowerPoint. This is a good approach for example if you need to make presentations for your organization periodically and using the source of data every time. By automating PowerPoint you can engineer to get the data automagically and generate your charts and tables from the source data.

Importing Google Analytics in PowerPoint using VBA

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The original article was featured in Google Analytics blog, you can learn how PBS saves time using automated reports.

Learn more here and read the original article here.

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