How to make a Hype PowerPoint Template using Shapes

News often seems to develop a life of its own, creating huge news waves on one specific story or topic. The term hype is often used in popular debate about this kind of self-inflating media coverage, but the concept has never made it into the scientific discourse, mainly because of its implicit value judgements. But the concept can become a valuable tool for news research and to be used in PowerPoint presentations to explain a specific news situation or media coverage. The dynamic of media-hype can be different from one case to another case but there is something to deal with the role it plays in the process of framing and social amplification.

Accordingly to Wikipedia, media circus is a colloquial metaphor, or idiom, describing a news event where the media coverage is perceived to be out of proportion to the event being covered, such as the number of reporters at the scene, the amount of news media published or broadcast, and the level of media hype. The term is meant to critique the media, usually negatively, by comparing it to a circus, and is considered an idiom as opposed to a literal observation.

The media Hype is normally represented in a curved line chart using two axes. The vertical axis is the visibility, while the horizontal axis is the maturity.

Here we will see how to create a very basic Hype PowerPoint template using a media Hype chart diagram.

We can control the curve by placing an image below just to be used as guide. On the Internet we can find lot of hype images and diagrams. In particular we have used one from the Internet to use as reference for our curved line.


Now, we can remove the background image and leave only the new freeform curved line.

Now you can add the axis labels and straight lines for the axis. Alternatively you can rotate the vertical label and change the color so we can highlight the internal labels for each HYPE state, for example the technology trigger, the peak of expectations, the trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightement and plateau of productivity.


Hype curve


Finally, we got a nice curved line for our Media Hype presentation, we can put this diagram in any of our free PowerPoint templates to create a Hype PowerPoint template for Microsoft PowerPoint.


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