How To Use Your Wired iPad To VGA With The Apple Digital AV Adapter

With the advent of latest technology, if one wants to deliver a presentation with an iPad, it totally depends upon the way the presenter sends visual signals from an iPad device to the television outputs or projector. Connecting your iPad wirelessly is an effective method, as it gives you the liberty to hold through your hands  and control Power Point Presentation slides wirelessly. And it also allows you to walk all around the place to enable you to adopt any style you want , this device mostly needs an Apple TV 2.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Now what is left is to discuss how to use your wired iPad to VGA with the Apple digital AV adapter.  Well, you will be surprised to know that it was always possible, even before the invention of  the iPad 2 or Apple TV. The first thing you need is the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

When you visit the Apple store and browse about this product, you will certainly see a few bad reviews. Many people believe that this product is used for demo of apps. Actually this is true. This product also has got some limitations but it also depends on which iPad are you using:

1. People using Apple’s iPad 1 are not that fortunate, as just the video apps and photos can send those audio visual signals to television and projector.
2. People using this iPad 2 can easily use this product, to check  whatever is there on the screen. However, when this product is used with the large projector, it displays what you might expect to specifically see.

Besides having theses Drawbacks, this product also works as well as it was advertised.

Although there is no need to attach to the iPad Dock because you could connect iPad  directly to the VGA output. When Apple first released this product it was named  iPad Dock Connector, however after sometime they re-named this product to  Apple Digital AV Adapter.

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