How To Generate Business Ideas PowerPoint Diagram

Start ups or newly established businesses and even those big and established firms all came from a germ of an idea. Hence, looking or generating business ideas is a taxing work that needs lots of pondering and ticking of clock before it can fully develop or mature. But the question still lingers, ‘How to generate brilliant business ideas?’

Before the discussion on generating ideas and the ways on how to execute them, you can present your thoughts in a well-organized manner that is easy to understand. Needless to say, you can utilize different PowerPoint tools like SmartArt graphics to present the ways or how tos of idea generation. And since your presentation mostly falls on a heavy text or information, you can use the Horizontal Bullet List SmartArt.


Going by its definition, the said SmartArt is used to present non-sequential blocks of information with each step or point with the same level of importance or emphasis.  Like when you are presenting the two different types of businesses, (conventional and innovative businesses), it can be assumed that you will be placing or adding different ideas on how to generate ideas. The said SmartArt could serve as your summary board wherein you list down all possible ways or means on how to generate ideas.

Generating Ideas For Two Types of Businesses  

Conventional or some say traditional business is the kind that follows tried and tested business ideas. With the conventional, you only bank on several reasons why you go after the safe, tried and tested product, service or company, rather than taking the risk of introducing a new product or service that might fail or might hit you the jackpot.


Innovative businesses, on the other hand, follows that the products and services are carrying new concepts. The products or services that were the brain-child of an innovative business was risky yet highly satisfactory when it made it and gained its share in the market.

What’s Better, Conventional or Innovative Businesses?

Since you will be working with a large number of text or words, using a bullet list style of presenting the different ways on how to generate conventional business ideas is a sound decision. Like as shown above, the information block of both conventional and innovative businesses are placed side by side to somehow show the difference between the two. Please, see graphics below.


In the Conventional, you can get different ideas on tried and tested business models like opening up a snack bar wherein you are in competition with almost 100 others in your city. For the innovative businesses, however,  you introduce a product that  is not yet known to the market. Needless to say, it is where experimentation and boldness in business come in. But regardless on what type of business you are getting into, it will help you organize your thoughts if you can use the right PowerPoint presentation that lists down all possible ideas, no matter how absurd the idea may appear to be.

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