How to translate PowerPoint templates and presentations

There are many translation and language tools available on the Internet, however while doing global businesses sometimes we may need to translate a PowerPoint presentation, either a .ppt file or a PowerPoint template.

PowerPoint 2010 has a built-in translation tool that is accessible from the Review tab. In order to use Translation Tools we need to open PowerPoint and select a text in the slide, then we need to select Review tab and click on Translate button. The menu will display two options:

  • Translate Selected Text
  • Mini Translator

Select the text you want to translate and then click on Translate Selected Text. A new sidebar menu will appear with two combo boxes, so you can choose the source and target language. This is powered by Microsoft Translator, it is a free tool from Microsoft that you can use to translate text and documents to other languages. Microsoft Translator also has an API available for developers, and it is also known as Bing Translator, a good alternative to Google Translate tools.

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