How to Shake Hands with Confidence in a Business Meeting

In today’s business world, the only consistent physical contact is a handshake that makes a good first impression. Not just this, it tells a lot about your confidence level and personality.  Thus, it’s quite important for you to be aware of how to act when you go for a business meeting.

No doubt, people make a quick judgment about your character through your handshake and this gives them a fair idea about your persona. The etiquette of hand shaking mainly varies from one culture to another. So, in order to establish your accessibility and friendliness, it would be best to learn the best way to shake hands.

How to Shake Hands with Confidence in a Business Meeting

Take a look at some of the ways to shake hands with confidence in a business meeting that are sure to help you a lot in future. They are here as under:

Eye Contact

Remaining seated is being ill mannered when somebody comes extending his/her hand for a handshake. Therefore, while shaking hands one should also make an eye contact and it should be firm with a power that communicates professionalism, strength and sincerity.

Handing with Gloves

There are several people who may have fragile bones, sensitive skin or allergies that could cause a pain. Thus, when you are shaking hands with a matured individual, it is highly advisable to be careful not to squeeze the hand you have been offered.

One Hand is Better

Nowadays, a two handed shake is called the politician’s shake and so it’s always best in business meetings to use only your right hand and avoid the urge to shake with two hands. Since, it may look unprofessional and inappropriate in business environment.

Not Aggressively

The basic idea behind a handshake is not to annoy someone but rather it is to connect. After all, handshakes are gestures of respect and friendliness and thereby it’s best to avoid a display of physical strength and squeezing the person’s hand.  However, in a personal setting you are free to do aggressive hand shake, but when it comes to business meeting it may look unacceptable.

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In important business meetings, paying attention to the above mentioned points may help you getting closer to your dream deal. Henceforth, it can be said that in no time you won’t be too away from achieving your desired results.

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