OfficeOne Screen Saver: Display PowerPoint Slideshows As Screen Savers

In a previous post we showed you how to run two different slideshows on separate monitors. But what about running your PowerPoint slideshows as Screen Savers? OfficeOne Screen Saver is an application which lets you run your PowerPoint presentations as slideshows in screen saver mode. Moreover, you can even run different slideshows on separate monitors simultaneously. This can be particularly handy for multi-monitor users who might be willing to represent their presentations or some kind of PowerPoint powered slideshow when the desktop is inactive.

Use PowerPoint Videos, Animations And Transitions To Create Presentation Screen Savers

If you are confused about the utility of this application, you should consider the fact that you can use animations, videos and transitions from your PowerPoint as a screen saver during presentations. This can help you keep low battery settings for your portable device (e.g. laptop or Windows 8 tablet) and also provide you with a useful way of covering up your inactive desktop when you are giving out a presentation. After installation, OfficeOne Screen Saver can be accessed via Personalize->Screen Saver (in Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Screen Saver

Select Presentations For Multiple Monitors

Once selected, click Settings and select a screen saver for your monitor. If you are using multiple monitors, more than one selection option will appear. Click Browse and select a presentation for each connected monitor. Before you apply the settings, you can hit Preview to see how the screen saver(s) might look on you monitor(s).

Select Presenations

Enable Keyboard And Mouse Activity For Screen Saver Slide Shows

You can also enable keyboard and mouse activity to more efficiently manage your screen saver presentations.

Screen Saver Slide Shows

OfficeOne Screen Saver is a paid application, however you can also download it on a trial basis. For more feature and price details, refer to the link given below. This application works with the following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (32-bit)
Go to Download OfficeOne Screen Saver, a useful tool to make screen savers from PowerPoint presentations.

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  1. Does this software work if you have “On resume, display login screen” checked? I have had issues with other software for this purpose and the done work when that box is checked.

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