OfficeOne InkTools: Annotate PowerPoint Presentations in Slideshow Mode

Perhaps one of the most important feature that Microsoft PowerPoint truly lacks, is the ability to annotate slideshows during presentations. While even less capable applications like PDF Presenter provide this functionality, (with perfect integration for PDF presentations), PowerPoint does not cater for this luxury. Having said that we all know how the functionality of applications like Microsoft PowerPoint can be enhanced with the help of third-party tools. OfficeOne InkTools is an application which provides real-time annotation options for PowerPoint presentations running in slideshow mode.

Annotate Slideshows During Presentations

Annotate Slideshows And Quickly Add Blank Slides

Being able to annotate slides in slideshow mode can not only be useful for people using conventional keyboard and mouse computers but also for interactive projectors / whiteboards and the new generation of touch friendly Windows 8 computers such as Microsoft’s Surface Tablets. In fact, this tool is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office, i.e. MS Office 2013 and works on Windows 8 devices, as well as older Windows operating systems and MS Office versions. After installation, InkTools automatically shows up on your main screen when a presentation is launched in slideshow mode.

The InkTools buttons are quite self explanatory and include a Pen Tool, Eraser, Arrow, slide navigation buttons and a button to add a blank slide after the current slide. The utility to quickly add a blank slide can be quite useful for explaining a presentation by turning the new blank slide into an instant whiteboard. While the Eraser rubs off selected areas, you can wipe out all annotations at once by selecting the Erase All button.

OfficeOne InkTools

Switch Between Vertical And Horizontal Mode

If you find the horizontal display of InkTools to be too obtrusive, you can switch to the vertical mode and also optionally remove icon labels via Settings.

OfficeOne InkTools
Annotate PowerPoint Presentations in Slideshow Mode

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Switch Between Pen and Arrow Pointer

You can switch between the Arrow or Pen pointer during presentations to quickly turn the annotations on/off.

Annotate Slideshows

While InkTools is not a free application, it can be downloaded and used on a trial basis. It works with the following versions of PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Go to Download OfficeOne InkTools addin for PowerPoint presentations.

OfficeOne InkTools
Annotate PowerPoint Presentations in Slideshow Mode

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