How to be a Good Storyteller at the Job Interview

To win over an interviewer, you need to find out what makes you different from other candidates, only then you will be able to maximize your chances of getting hired. The job interview is a golden chance to tell an interviewer about your experience, qualifications and skills that you wrote on your resume. The best tool to make this possible is by doing Storytelling at a Job Interview, which will show that you are a strong candidate.

How to be a Good Storyteller at the Job Interview

In today’s highly competitive environment, it has become a need of an hour to do storytelling as it’s an art to handle fables, myths and fairy tales by word of mouth. A Good Storyteller assembles skills to deliver innovative insight into mankind and raises the factual story by making an art form out of the narration of story.

Ways to Become a Great Story Teller

By telling a story, you can easily build rapport with an interviewer. If you want to be a Good Storyteller, then take a look at some important points that will surely help you in making a good impression on interviewer:

Undertake Your Pacing

You need to practice how you will put together your facial expressions, movements and words so that they result in an artful mix of storytelling aspects. Further on, these elements may really work for you and allow you to become an effective Storyteller.

Keep Your Story Short

Try to avoid going into excessive details on issues that are not important to be discussed in an interview. Not just this, make sure you don’t repeat yourself too many times as it will captivate the attention of your listener.

Use Clear Language

In order to create a vibrant and bright atmosphere in which one can actually visualize what you are conveying, speak with words that draw your interviewer into a story and certainly it will increase your chances of being selected.


Use dialogues and expressions as if they are right in front of you and your listener. Bringing characters to life is very important to communicate your story effectively. By doing this, the interviewer will get an idea about  your personality and attitude that you must have not even dreamt of.

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Undoubtedly, when you will execute the above mentioned elements in your job interview. there will be no one who can hold you back and certainly, it will help you landing a job and stand out of the crowd.


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