How to save PPT to PDF in Office PowerPoint 2013

In PowerPoint 2013 you can easily save a presentation (.ppt) to PDF (Portable Document Format, the popular document format from Adobe). In order to save a presentation to PDF you first need to click on File and then Save As.

Here you will need to choose the place where you want to save it (SkyDrive, Local Documents, etc) and then choose PDF as format.

Notice that once you choose the save as type you can also change the Options and select between Standard format (publishing online and printing) or Minimum size (publishing online). Options button let you choose to select the output format and range of slides to printed. This way you can print only certain slides in PDF format instead of the whole presentation. Using this method you can save PPT To PDF.

Printing Handouts to PDF in MS Office PowerPoint 15

If you need to print the handouts then make sure to click in the Options button and then pick Publish What as Handouts. This will let you print the slides with notes ready to be shared with your audience or students. Alternatively you can check our article Speaker Notes in PowerPoint 2013 to learn more.