How to Open PowerPoint in Google Drive

If you want your PowerPoint presentations to be accessible from any place, then the presentation application on Google Docs is the way to go. The application has all the features that one would need to make an awesome PowerPoint presentation. The auto-save feature also means that you are free from the redundant action of clicking the save button.

To create a new presentation on Google Drive, you need to open your favorite Internet browser. On the address space, type the address without the quotes and hit enter. Using this application requires you to be logged into a Google account (Gmail or Google+ account will serve perfectly). If you are not signed in to a Google account, click on the sign in Button on the top-right corner and provide your login details.


Upon a successful login, you will be taken to the page below. To create a new presentation document, click on the ‘Create’ button on the top left corner of the page and choose Presentation from the drop down list.

How to Open PowerPoint in Google Drive

This will open another tab from where you will be able create your presentation. Now, select your favorite theme for the presentation by clicking on it and then the OK button at the bottom.

open ppt google

You can now add your content to the presentation document. You need not worry about saving as changes to the document are automatically saved at certain intervals.

There you are, a PowerPoint document is on your Google Drive account. You can even run a presentation through your web browser by clicking on the presentation button. This presentation will be accessible from your Google Drive over the Internet and can be downloaded to your local computer.