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Lots of infographics 2.0 are shared online via social networks, blogs and other channels, but if you are in the process of designing an infographic for a specific topic then you may be interested to get free templates with elements that you can use to design your infographic. An infographic is a popular tool marketers use to capture their target audience’s attention. For many, using PowerPoint can be a good prototyping solution if you need to make a draft or final presentation about what the inforgraphic will contain. In this case, we will summarize a few free resources that you can take in mind the next time you need to design your infographic.

You can also use infographics to lead generation efforts  or you can get website visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for downloading the infographic, but maybe the most important aspect for many marketers is the viral effect on infographics. Usually good infographics are shared and retweeted many times and this generate a lot of traffic and why not improves the SEO of the author website or product that is promoting. From Scoop we can learn about tools to make infographics:

1. Piktochart

With PikToChart you can create stunning infographics for your audience using images.

2. Gliffy

Gliffy was originally a tool to make diagrams but today you can also enjoy all its features to make stunning infographics with diagram elements that will help to achieve great results.


Making beautifully simply visualization of data over time can be achieved by using Dipity. It is a very useful tool to create types of web content in a highly visual format. Aside of mapping the history of just about anything you can also use Dipity to make multimedia timelines.

Multimedia Timeline design

When the start of school is quickly approaching for many, timelines can be really useful. If you need to make awesome timelines in PowerPoint or multimedia timelines to show an event in history, then you can use tools like Dipity that later can be reviewed in final exams by teachers. This can be a good alternative to XTimeline or TimeGlader.


We already reviewed in the past. Visually is the largest data visualization showcase in the world providing endless inspiration for designers, publishers and enthusiasts. You can use to make awesome and stunning infographics and then share online.

4. PhotoStats App

PhotoStats App an app that you can install in your iPhone to make awesome infographics in your mobile device using elements and photos taken with your own camera.

5. What About Me (from Intel)

If you need to make an Infographic of your digital life then you can use this tool. This will help to show your social media skills. The tool is called What About Me? and it lets you create an infographic based on your social media accounts and information including photos, interests, friends, etc. You can also achieve this with other related tools like

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You can use these tools and templates to make customizable infographic to help you start building these visual wonders, including Informational Infographic or Data-Packed Infographic.